Hero Tier List

Everyone wants to to know what how good the hero they have is. Where it ranks among the best. Here’s our Tier list.

If you want to know more about the hero or why it is X rank, click on the hero’s picture.


Personally as the author, I dislike tier lists.

  • Your team composition is 100x more important than strong individual heroes.
  • Next, they are very subjective – all the heroes can be useful in particular situations.
  • The main message I would encourage readers to keep in mind while reading this is that Anything Can Work.

Just because your favorite hero isn’t placed highly here, doesn’t mean that they are a bad hero, and don’t let tier lists stifle your imagination.

Team building is one of my favorite aspects of Crusaders Quest, and the game is open to lots of creativity.

However, in order to help you decide on a character who excels in most situations, this tier list places a very heavy emphasis on game progression in PvP, PvE, and Ancient Dungeons. Heroes who are good individually at one aspect of PvE, PvP, or World Boss might not be rated as highly as those who are more well rounded.

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The Best of the best. These guys are absolutely dominant at their specialty – many of which are critical heroes in Colosseum PvP and often well-rounded enough to solo PvE and take on World Bosses. Often, you’ll be glad to have one of these heroes in your party.


Solid role players, some critical components of a team, others very strong in their respective specialties. A + in its class name means it’s right on the verge of getting into the next tier.


B Tier heroes are often quite good for niche PvE and PvP teams, or have the potential to carry with a little help.

C TIER and below

First, a word. C Tier characters are not useless. They can actually be quite strong when put in the right situation and with the right skills and team – e.g. Achilles can destroy a World Boss’s SP pool which can render bosses like Kranus useless. Necron, Uzimant and Abel become one man wrecking crews with their SBW.

However, because they are so niche, they usually do not perform well by themselves, require a lot of resources to make their weapons or skills good, and/or require a very particular team. For these reasons, we would not recommend making one of them our primary character, especially starting out.

D Tier

The Dreaded Tier. These heroes are here because they are difficult to work into a good team composition, require a ton of effort to put into a reasonable lineup, and/or are currently broken and don’t work as intended.

Under Review

Need more time and testing to be determined. Look forward to it!